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By BirgEat - A range of tasty cakes, breakfast and brunch boxes


About By BirgEat - A passion for good food 

They say that love goes through the stomach, and this also applies to my friends; when they come over, they always hope there will be cake. I inherited my love of food from my family, who run a restaurant, before taking a chef's training course at Spermalie, where I further developed my passion for cooking and baking. Not wanting to limit my delicious creations to just my circle of family and friends, I decided to start the business By BirgEat.

Cakes, breakfast and brunch boxes 

By BirgEat has grown into a business that specialises in making delicious breakfast and brunch boxes for an enjoyable treat, as well as baking fresh cakes! Our entire assortment is freshly prepared with quality products and a pinch of love. Want a tasty breakfast or brunch box delivered to your front door? Order your irresistible breakfast or brunch now and enjoy a mouthful of me-time or we-time that will leave you wanting more. We also cater to children tastes and Halal boxes are perfectly possible too. Bon appetit!

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Are you interested in a breakfast or brunch box or a delicious cheesecake?

Would you like to order a box or cake for a special occasion? Let us know and we'll see what we can do for you.

Do you have questions about the products or allergens? Do not hesitate to send us a message.

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